The Benefits of Peptides in Mens Health

Peptide Benefits for Fitness, Muscle Building, and Weight Loss: Peptides are renowned for their fitness advantages. By creating proteins, targeted peptide supplementation, combined with a balanced diet, can accelerate and optimize muscle-building goals.  Moreover, peptides help protect organs and skin as they adapt to increased activity levels. They offer excellent prevention against injuries and stretch […]

How Erectile Dysfunction is on the Rise & What You Can Do

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggested that problems getting and maintaining an erection are now more common in younger men than previously thought. Research found that erections problems affected 26 percent of young males under 40 years old and nearly half of these young men had severe issues with erections.  Erectile […]

Exercise and Testosterone: Does Working Out Increase Testosterone Levels?

Does regularly working out increase testosterone levels? And is there scientific evidence to back up this connection?  Let’s cut to the chase. Yes, there is a connection between regular exercise and high testosterone levels. But you must understand not all activities can give you that testosterone boost of energy equally. In addition, it is highly […]

Venous Leak: The Unknown Cause of ED

What is Venous Leak? Venous leak is a type of erectile dysfunction where the cavernosal arteries bring blood to the penis during sexual arousal, but they are unable to store the blood in the corpus tissue. Usually, when a man is sexually aroused, blood vessels and arteries in the penis expand and fill up with […]

Male Aging Process and Changes in Libido

As men age, there will come a time when they won’t be as enthusiastic about sexual activity anymore. And there’s one primary reason for this gradual disinterest in sexual desire: a decrease in libido. A difference in libido can cause complications in a relationship, leading to emotional strain between partners. Low libido isn’t solely the […]

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein the penis is unable to achieve or maintain a level of firmness that’s necessary for sexual intercourse. According to a Massachusetts Male Aging Study. About 52% of the survey respondents aged 40 to 70 expressed having symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This makes ED one of the most common disorders […]

Bioidentical HRT vs. Traditional HRT

Hello, it’s Dr. Kevin Aister.  I’m the medical director here at Peak Health Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re a clinic that specializes in the correction of erectile dysfunction as well as health optimization through hormone replacement therapy.  That’s what we’re going to talk about today, the difference between bioidentical hormone replacement and hormone replacement. Are […]

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