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Dr. Aister is a highly experienced and skilled physician with 38 years of clinical expertise. He specializes in treating quality of life male health issues and stays up to date with cutting-edge medical technologies and therapies.

With a BA in Biology from Carthage College and a medical degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, he brings a solid educational background to his practice. As a proud veteran of the US Army and a former Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Aister combines military training, academic experience, and real-world expertise in his approach to patient care.

He has been board certified by AOBEM for over 20 years and remains an active member of professional organizations such as the AOA and A4M.





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The wife behind the doctor

Nicole is a remarkable woman who has been married to Dr. Aister for 20 years. She started her career with the intention of pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but her path led her to complete paramedic school and the fire academy. She worked as a paramedic/firefighter for over 10 years before starting a family, shifting her focus as well as her role to a devoted mother to their three daughters. Known for her discipline, frugality, and street smarts, she has built a solid foundation for their family through careful financial planning and wise choices. Using her strengths and skills, she provides vital “behind the scenes” logistical and marketing support to the practice. Her unwavering support, love, and dedication make her an indispensable partner both to the practice and in their journey through life.


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To provide individuals exceptional, compassionate healthcare while promoting overall wellness and enhancement in their quality of life. We will provide all individuals with the personal attention, strong communication and respect they deserve.

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